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Every year, the results book dedicates this page to Tom Campbell and his computer. Since I've been spending the last ten years wondering what happened here, Jamie Kempton was kind enough to help me out with the following story:

"Tom Campbell (AM '71) is a computer guru who came up with the idea that if we computerized the results it would be a vast improvement on the manual method of scoring that we had always used. He managed to convince the majordomos (Tom Doherty, Ralph Coleman) that this system would work for the Alumni Run, but it would mean that every name must be pre-entered into the computer and everyone affix a bar code to their card.

"It turned out to be a total disaster. The race started 15 minutes late because Tom needed more time to enter names into the computer. He had some kind of computer glitch that shut down the system, and he couldn't access the results. The worst part was, he seemed so confident of this system that we did not have any backup system in place. Big mistake. As a result, there were no official results. If I'm not mistaken, there was a digital clock at the finish, so finishers could get their time if they caught a glimpse of the clock as they were finishing."

As it turns out, Jamie not only solved the mystery of the computer, but also was able to provide me with a complete top ten, which I share with you below. (Frank Visingardi provided some additional results for the members of the 1994 Athletics Anonymous team, courtesy of John Nepolitan.) However, I do owe Tom's computer a debt of gratitude. In eating the 1994 results, Tom's computer eliminated all proof of my poorest Alumni Run showing ever. (This was during my lazy, pizza-eating sophomore year of college, which should not be confused with any of my other three pizza-eating years of college.) I will admit that it was ugly and that, for the only time in my Alumni career, I would wind up finishing (1) outside the top 30, and (2) behind a girl.

It did make it easier that the aforementioned "girl" was none other than Linda Scheu, my former Clarkstown North (and future Cornell) teammate, who became the only Rams alumnus, male or female, ever to win an Alumni Run. So I will dedicate this page not only to Tom Campbell (and will raise my glass in a toast to his computer), but also to Linda, and to John Trautmann, whose astounding 14:08 remains a course record to this day--a record that may never be broken.

Men's Results

  1. John Trautmann (MW '86) 14:08 (course record)
  2. Art Gunther (TZ '89) 15:05
  3. Jim Gerhart (Suff '94) 15:11
  4. George Buckheit (AM '75) 15:13
  5. Brian Crowley (AM '82) 15:14
  6. Dave Dominguez (NR '93)
  7. Jim Trautmann (MW '90)
  8. Tim Cox (Suff '91)
  9. Rich Harrington (St. Joseph's Regional '88) 15:47
  10. Jamie Kempton (AM '76) 15:49
  11. ?
  12. Frank Visingardi (Nan '86) 15:58
  13. Paul Sklar (CS '89) 16:16
  14. ?
  15. ?
  16. ?
  17. Barry Baloga (PR) 16:30
  18. ?
  19. Chris Butler (AM) 16:48
  20. ?
  21. ?
  22. Eamon Benn (AM '93) 17:00
  23. ?
  24. ?
  25. Bill Possidento (Nan '80) 17:07
Women's Results
  1. Linda Scheu (CN '92) 18:15
  2. Rita Keahon (Nan '83)
  3. Kathy Visingardi (Nan '85) 19:08
  4. Linda Pederson-Higgins (Nan '80)
Total Number of Runners: 267

Men's Team Scoring
  1. Albertus Magnus 55
  2. Monroe Woodbury 70
  3. Suffern 72
Women's Team Scoring
  1. Nanuet 46
  2. Clarkstown South 66

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