About the Site

This blog is a re-launch of my old Alumni race website, which I launched on Geocities somewhere between 1999 and 2001.  Geocities unfortunately was killed off by Yahoo in October of 2009.  By that time I was tiring of the site anyway.  I created it using an old Microsoft app called FrontPage which anyone younger than me probably thinks is hilarious.  Anyway the website was housed on the hard drive of my old PC.  All updates had to be edited on my computer, then uploaded to the Geocities server.  It got pretty cumbersome, especially as the computer got old and slow, so when Geocities basically euthenized it I was a little relieved in that it was going to force me to modify the site into something that could be updated remotely, from any computer with web access.

Of course, once Geocities went down, all that data was lost, and my computer had deteriorated to the point that I couldn't really retrieve anything, and I thought all was lost...and then I discovered Oocities, which is one of several sites that is attempting to basically reconstruct all of Geocities!  So I was able to transfer over alot of that lost data, and that is why the site sounds the same and has all the same bad jokes as it used to.

Here you will find most of the same information--records, top 10s, results--that I had on the original site.  (If you want to see what the site used to look like beforehand, you can see it here.  It is read-only, so I can't continue making changes to it on the Oocities server.)  Blogger limits what I can put into a "static" web-page format, so most of the individual year's results will appear as blog posts, which I'm going to link to from a central Results page.  The nice thing about the blog is I can add other updates easily as well.  Records and top 10 lists are accessed using the tabs above.
Explore and enjoy.  If you have comments, questions, or ideas for the site, please contact me.