Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The year it all began.

Finally, after beating the bushes in search of the true story of the Alumni Run's humble beginnings, I have an answer, courtesy of Jamie Kempton, the unofficial Alumni Run historian. You can read the story here. Now I can get on with the rest of my life. Unfortunately, no one could prevent the blizzard-like conditions that accompanied the Alumni Run's first edition. Nevertheless, 21 misguided individuals toed the line that morning, giving birth to the annual insanity that invades our lives.

On a personal note, 1983 marked the first win for Clarkstown North, which fielded the only full team in the inaugural race. I know, I was surprised too when I checked the results, but Albertus had only four runners. This felt like a cheap win until I realized that even if Albertus had a fifth man place 16th, right behind Kevin Russo, their number 4, North still would have won, 37-39. Go Rams! Unfortunately, next year some of the other schools clued into the idea that you need five people for a team, and wins were never so easy to come by again.

On the women's side, Aileen O'Shea was a true pioneer, winning the first women's title as the only runner in the race without a Y chromosome. It would not be for several years, though, that women's teams became a norm.

1. Pat Chambers (AM '76) 16:04
2. Jamie Kempton (AM '76) 16:10
3. Karl Gehsmann (CN '83) 16:17
4. Kevin Mahoney (PR '82) 17:02
5. Larry Beckerle (AM '73) 17:16
6. Kurt Gehsmann (CN '83) 18:20
7. John McGovern (CN '82) 18:30
8. Marc Ratliff (CN '83) 18:39
9. Bob Hudson (TZ '74) 18:54
10. Dan Doherty (PR '74) 20:40
11. Aileen O'Shea (PR '83) 21:02
12. Pat O'Shea (West Kensington, England '58) 21:02
13. Bruce Woolley (CN '71) 21:39
14. Walt Johnston (Suff '65) 23:35
15. Kevin Russo (AM '74) 23:56
16. Steve Greene (CN '72) 25:59
17. Dave Woolley (CN '72) 26:00
18. Dan Woolley (CN '82) 26:00
19. Roger Panetta (CN '82) 26:01

Total Number of Finishers: 19

Team Participation: 1. Clarkstown North 9, 2. Albertus Magnus 4, 3. Pearl River 3, 4. (tie) Tappan Zee and Suffern 1

Men's Team Scoring

1. Clarkstown North 37 (Gehsmann, Gehsmann, McGovern, Ratliff, Woolley)
No other complete teams

Women's Team Scoring
No complete teams

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